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Surabaya, Indonesia

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Dili, Timor Leste

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Fast Cargo Shipping For Indonesia & Timor Leste

PT. Indotim Lorico Line Service, Cheap Cargo Delivery. We provide Cargo delivery services, cheap Air Cargo, cheap Motorcycle Cargo, cheap Cargo sending, Sea Cargo services & Animal Cargo shipping.

We make it easier to ship your cargo across borders

Cheap Cargo Delivery.

We serve large cargo shipments of cargo for trading purposes. Our cheap cargo shipping services reach between cities & islands throughout Indonesia. This includes cargo expedition services via land by car, truck, train. Large volume cargo via sea with Roro ships or renting Pelni. Fast Cargo via Air by airplane equipped with shipping documents such as SMU (Air Bill) or AWB (Airwaybill).

We are ready to send cargo logistics goods to every corner of Indonesia.

Send General Cargo Goods.

General Cargo is ordinary goods so that it does not need special handling, but it still has to meet the specified requirements and safety aspects. Examples of goods categorized as general cargo include goods for household use, office equipment, sports equipment, clothing (garments, textiles) and others.

There is no goal that is too difficult for us to achieve in Indonesia’s domestic area.

Send Special Cargo Goods.

Special cargo is goods shipped that require special handling (special handling). Basically, this type of goods can be transported by air transportation and must meet special requirements and handling according to IATA regulations and or the carrier. Goods or materials included in the category of special cargo are: AVI, DG, PER, PES PEM, HEA, and others.

Whatever the type of goods, we are experienced in handling and distributing them.

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