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Surabaya, Indonesia

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Dili, Timor Leste

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Dom Aleixo Tasi Tolu

Container Shipping for Indonesia & Timor Leste

PT. Indotim Lorico Line Service, Cargo Boat Rental for Indonesia & Timor Leste. We provide shipping goods via Pelni, rent Roro Ships, Roro Ship expeditions & Pelni Container Rentals.

Retail Container Less Container Load.

We provide rental cargo / LCL vessels. If the cargo volume does not exceed half the volume of the container, then the goods are shipped collectively based on global standards. You don’t need to rent a container, just pay the load based on the cubic calculation. Container shipping services are more economical. You can rent a Pelni container or deliver goods through Pelni.

Initially the goods will be inspected, then sent to the port, matched with documents and finally sorted before container loading process.

Charter Container Full Container Load.

We serve full load container / FCL expeditions. You can rent one container yourself without mixing it with other people’s goods. No need to wait for containers to be fully filled, more time efficient and minimal risk of damage to goods. You can send heavy equipment, furniture, cars or send motorbikes via the Pelni ship. We also have Roro ship expeditions, all you have to do is rent a Roro ship as needed.

After the stuffing process at the warehouse is complete, the containers will be sealed and immediately sent to the container stacking place at the port.

Landing Ship Craft Tank.

We serve heavy equipment landing expeditions in shallow waters / LCT. We can transport trucks, logistics and heavy goods such as cranes, excavators, bulldozers, construction machinery or materials. We are ready to land at mining sites or projects on river routes that are difficult to reach by ordinary carriers. LCT ships will successfully distribute your goods in various places.

A flat deck with a wide and sturdy capacity will be able to easily complete all project or production equipment transportation missions.

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