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Surabaya, Indonesia

Gedung Puskopal
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Dili, Timor Leste

Rua. Terra Santa Madohi
Dom Aleixo Tasi Tolu


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Ekspedisi ke Timor Leste

Land Freight

This service are steady and flexible, safe and practical. Most of the products transported include Refrigerated Food, machinery, construction materials, etc.


Ekspedisi Barang Timor Leste

Sea Freight

Companies transport bigger or heavier items of goods would use this cargo ship. It generally entails commodities being kept in large shipping containers.


Ekspedisi Paket Timor Leste

Air Freight

The best option if you need to fulfill a shorter or faster delivery deadline. It’s a fantastic method to transport little, pricey items quickly and safely.

More Than Shipping

Our top notch services

No matter what you’re shipping, where it’s going or how quickly you need it to get there, you’ll find an option that fits. Tell us about your shipment, including where it’s going, what it’s packed in, and how big it is, and we’ll show you your options by speed.

Guaranteed Safe

The packaging method is arranged to avoid damage to the goods. The process of sending goods is responsible.

Fast Response

Orders are processed directly with an accurate system. Complaints will be addressed and resolved promptly.

On Time

Our people like admin staff, packing, drivers have a neat system & good cooperation. Goods arrived on time.

Affordable Cost

Reasonable shipping rates to reduce distribution costs. You get more economical and more profitable.