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Surabaya, Indonesia

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Cargo Logistics for Indonesia & Timor Leste

PT. Indotim Lorico Line Service, Better Shipping for Indonesia & Timor Leste. We provide inter-city goods shipping, cheap goods delivery services, car shipping & heavy equipment shipping.

Retail Delivery Less Than Truckload.

We provide cheap goods delivery services with many choices of transportation capacity / LTL. Whatever the load capacity of your goods, we can deliver. If you regularly use freight forwarding services with varied loads, we are ready to be your partner. No need to worry, we will safely adjust the truckload according to the size of your goods.

This shipping will move according to schedule. The packing and unloading of goods is done and arranged with good planning.

Door to Door Full Truckload Shipping.

We provide shipping truck rental and container / FTL rental services. Your delivery does not need to be disturbed by mutants of other goods. We provide a variety of transportation fleets such as moving box car rental, crankcase rental, wing box truck rental, tronton truck rental to refrigerated truck shipping. Whatever your business, we will supply chain management with the best transportation system.

We understand the delivery budget, priority scale and the type of goods you send. Trust us.

Large Freight Shipments.

We provide shipping services for large goods from 10 kg and above, for industrial and manufacturing businesses. This includes heavy equipment delivery services between cities and between islands. We can select and recommend the most suitable type of truck for your cargo type. Our couriers are trained in loading and unloading processes so they can save time and costs.

Please contact us to check the most economical shipping rates. We are ready with cargo delivery services and logistics delivery.

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