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Surabaya, Indonesia

Gedung Puskopal
Jl. Ikan Dorang No. 1

Dili, Timor Leste

Rua. Terra Santa Madohi
Dom Aleixo Tasi Tolu

Low Cost Air Cargo for Indonesia & Timor Leste

PT. Indotim Lorico Line Service, Cheap Aircraft Cargo specifically for Indonesia & Timor Leste. We provide the cheapest Air Cargo, cheap Airplane expeditions, cheap Air shipping & Air Cargo services.

Commercial Flight Aircraft Expedition.

We provide domestic air cargo services for the fastest alternative delivery process. Not only business category goods, we can also send important documents and securities. We can send express cargo by Port To Port (PTP), from the origin airport to the destination airport. Or Port To Door (PTD) delivered to the recipient’s location.

Cost and time estimates are the main calculations. But don’t worry, we understand your needs and priorities.

Ekspedisi Paket Timor Leste